CSR Committee

Good CSR practice underpinned by strong corporate culture and values, is at the heart of how we do business. In 2016, our values were updated to ensure better alignment with the Group strategy and vision and launched to the senior management population.

Clare Spottiswoode

roles and responsibilities

• Review, agree and establish the company’s CSR strategy and recommend policies to ensure these remain an integral part of the Group’s strategy

• Monitor compliance with CSR policies throughout the Group and the integration of CSR processes within the Group’s risk management and approval processes

Committee membership and attendance during 2016  

  Meetings attended
Clare Spottiswoode (Chair)  3 of 3
Winnie Kin Wah Fok  2 of 3
Paul Spence  3 of 3

1. Winnie Fok was unable to attend one meeting following the cancellation of her flight due to typhoon conditions.

Other regular attendees include, the regional president for the UK and Ireland region, the group corporate affairs director and
the group human resources director. From 2017, the regional president for the Africa region, will also be a regular attendee.

main activities of the csr committee during the year (%)


csr committee

CSR Committee Responsibilities

The CSR Committee reviews and monitors the Group’s CSR strategy, which includes developing policies on various CSR-related matters for consideration by the board and reviewing the activities of the executives who have responsibility for CSR matters.

corporate governance

The board oversees the Group’s overall governance framework, reviews and approves the strategy, monitors managements’ performance against agreed targets and ensures appropriate controls are in place and operating effectively.

our committees

Our governance structure is designed to enable the board to discharge its responsibilities.